Anglican Church Women


As the name implies, all the women of the church are automatically members of the ACW. It is an opportunity to affirm their many gifts through worship, learning and service.


The women of Grace Church, while working within the church in various groups, also reach out to the community at large in Markham and beyond. Many Grace Church women volunteer their time to other organizations in the community: Meals on Wheels, UNICEF, CHATS, hospitals and hospices. Seeing the needs of others they respond by getting involved directly as volunteers, often assuming leadership roles, while others work in the background lending personal support when needed. Each year the beautiful quilt, the result of the caring hands of the Winchester Group is raffled off in December and the money is disbursed to charities and the church. Bags of toques are knitted and given to the Mission to Seafarers. Trays of homemade cookies are distributed to seniors and shut-ins at Christmas.


Community support also means financial needs. In order to raise funds to help in this area, the ACW holds two major rummage sales annually, in April and October. Clothing, books and videos are also taken from the rummage sales and given to Mission to Seafarers and other groups. As well, a bazaar featuring crafts and Christmas goodies is held each year around mid-November. Grace Church women through the ACW prepare and cater meals in the parish hall several times a year for the Markham Lions Club meetings, the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) annual Christmas Banquet, as well as, receptions for weddings, anniversaries, funerals and other important parish/community occasions.


The women of Grace Church are indeed active! But all of this work doesn’t happen by accident. It requires leadership, organization, systems, structure, concerted effort, project volunteers, personal skills, a desire to work together, enjoyment of friendships and the joy of being part of something special.


The Grace Church ACW meets as an organization at a Pot Luck Dinner in June and in December for a Pot Luck Luncheon. Besides providing for entertainment and a friendly get-together these events allow for a review of activities and formal discussions/presentations regarding activities. During both meetings the many financial disbursements to a variety of selected organizations and groups are approved by the members. CHATS, Church Army, Cornerstone, Diocesan ACW, Flemington Park, Humewood House, Markhaven, Mission to Seafarers, Faithworks, Moorelands, Pathway for Youth, Porter Place, Primates World Relief (PWRDF), St. Bartholomews, Yellow Brick House, Yonge St. Mission, and Evergreen Hospice have all received donations from the ACW.


Any and all Grace Church women are welcome to attend the meetings and members are encouraged to bring friends. Come along and be part of the Grace Church family.