Coming Events At Grace

Sunday School Upcoming Zoom Dates

1:30 pm on February 21

1:30 pm on March 31


Vestry will, by necessity, be on Zoom on Sunday February 28th - details to follow.

Walking Group - Mondays at 9:00 am & Tuesdays at 7:00 pm

Get some fresh air and get outside your four walls. Join us on Mondays at 9.00 am outside T&T Bakery on Main Street for a walk on the trails, or Tuesdays at 7:00 pm at Church to walk the neighbourhood. Rain, Shine or Snow.

Chess Club at 7.00pm on Zoom
Night Prayer (Compline) with Hymns

On-Zoom Every Thursday at 7 pm on Zoom.

Walking to Jerusalem through Lent

We have 9,300 kms to cover and 11,625,000 steps to walk. Many of you have signed up already with daily steps ranging from 500 to 20,000! If anyone else would like to join in please email your daily target steps to Nicola or the office. You have 46 days to walk from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday.

A great way to get us all moving.

Lent Study - Sermon on the Mount - Last Call

Sessions are offered starting on Wednesday February 17th at 2pm and Thursday Feb 18th at 8pm


This Lent we will be spending 6 weeks together exploring the most famous body of teachings from Jesus in Matthew 5-7. Our teacher will be Dr. Amy Jill Levine from Vanderbilt University who we also studied the Parables with. She is a very engaging, learned and witty writer and speaker.

The study will be on ZOOM and you will need a copy of her book. We will also watch a short video presentation by AJ each week. There are a few extra copies of the Lent Book by Dr Amy Jill Levine. Please contact Rev Nicola if you would like a book at or if you prefer an e-book it is available at for $9.99USD.


You can either join the study on Wednesdays at 2pm /  Thursdays at 8pm, or just have it to read yourself.

You may also join the study even without the book, by reading Matthew 5-7.

Please have a watch of the video for session number one to get a taste of what AJ refers to as Jesus' "Greatest Hits".  

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