Coronavirus Updates

March 21, 2020

Dear people of Grace,

Blessings to you in this difficult time. Tomorrow is our second Sunday not being able to
worship together in the church building, but thanks be to God we can worship together
in Spirit! WE are the Body of Christ, wherever we are. As some of you may know we
have been posting daily video reflections on the Grace Church Markham Facebook page
and on our website

If you would like to DO a 3 minute reflection call the office! Jessica Carrington is already
an Facebook superstar and you could be too!


Attached is a printable order of service for a short service of Morning Prayer filmed
earlier in the week with Aaron and Yohan Dumpala, and my son Noah. We have tried to
keep the group small as per recommendations and have done the best we can in a
short amount of time. We will post the video today (Sat pm) but encourage you to
watch it at around 8.15 am or 10.15 am on Sunday morning as you normally would come
to church. Hopefully you can see your fellow parishioners in your mind's eye and pray
for them, knowing that they may well be praying with you.


If it feels a little awkward, I fully understand. The daily reflections involve talking to
myself on my iPhone and it is a very different feeling to actually standing up in front of
you all! I miss you!!! When you sing the hymns, please sing loudly (you'll know why :)
If you would like to watch Rev. Ken's service from Haliburton you can log into his
Facebook page The Parish of Haliburton, or the website


Other churches have services online too, so if you find something you like or think we
can learn from let us know. Just remember that we are currently doing this with an
iPhone, so we won't be pulling off a Joel Osteen or Mormon Tabernacle Choir service
by next week.


Let us all HOPE and PRAY we are back together for Easter! Please continue to pray for
frontline health workers, overworked nurses, doctors and all hospital staff, medical
research scientists, the homeless and the hungry.


Call if there is anything we can help with, please call the office or email


The Lord bless you and preserve you from all harm, and surround you with everlasting
compassion and mercy.


Rev. Nicola
Revd Canon Nicola Skinner
Grace Church, Markham

iPhone and iPad


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