How To Donate Now

We anticipate that we will require about $82,000 in cash to sponsor both the refugee man from Iran and also the refugee family from Syria to fully establish and support them for one year. We have received pledges in both parishes for about $58,000.  If you have not pledged we would encourage you to do so.  If you have submitted a pledge we ask that you fulfill that pledge so that we can be fully ready for the arrival of the refugee man from Iran and the refugee family from Syria.

For more information please:


•    speak to a committee member, your minister or a churchwarden.


•    or by e-mail at


Donations can be made as a lump sum or pledged up front and paid in monthly installments. Donations are fully eligible for charitable receipts. Cheques should be made out payable to your church as usual. Please make a note in the memo section of  the cheque (as well as the envelope in which it is enclosed) that the cheque is for the refugee sponsorship.


Thank you.