Grace - St. Philip's Resource Teams & People


A steering committee has been formed with representatives from both parishes.

Grace Church:   Gerry Meade, David Shearer, Glenn Park, George McKelvey, Judy Maguire, Valerie Chatland, Virginia Bidwell.


St. Philip's on the Hill:   Greg Seale, Jo Anne Carlisle, Rod Stableforth. 


We are supported by many people who will be helping in  a number of activities as seen in the chart below.  There is still a need for more help and if you are interested we request that you let us know which area your skills and interest would best fit.  These teams are just getting  organized.

For more information please:

•    speak to a committee member

•    or by e-mail at

Meet & Greet
Airport Signs
Food, clothing, linens shopping etc


Short/ Long Term Apartment


Household Items



Counselling For Trauma

Lifestyle & Dietary Advice


Support & Coaching Training

Support & Coaching Job Search

Support & Coaching Interviewing



ESL Training


Household Budgeting


Public Transportation

Good Saving Practices

Within Immediate Community: Recreation

Within Immediate Community: Place of worship


Resource People Needed!

(something for everyone)


* Homeowners * Apartment Owners * Donors * Teachers * Nurses * Drivers *
* Babysitters * Medical Advisors * 
Interpreters * Employment Coaches / Mentors *

* People Connectors * Good Communicators * Administrative People
* Book Keepers * Book Readers *

* Representatives from other ethnic communities,   etc, etc. *



* Internal * External *
* Support Teams * Congregations *

Community Outreach

* Funding * External Groups *